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View Spotlight: Related Data Table

Posted on Jul 30, 2018 by Admin

Hello readers! Welcome to this week’s blog. This week we will feature the Related Data Table view and how you can use it to maximize your productivity in SimplyAnalytics.

What is it?

The Related Data Table View is designed to allow you to quickly add in many similar data variables at once. For example, if you add "% Households w/ Income $50,000 to $74,999" the report will also show all of the other income ranges as well.

Some other use cases: you want to quickly add in all life-stage data variables, or PRIZM psychographic segments, or all Language variables.


Identify what the top PRIZM household segment is for a ZIP Code. The PRIZM Dataset is a marketing segmentation system that allows you to understand the demographic and lifestyle/consumer traits of any location in the United States. This data is very popular within marketing departments across many large companies, and we are happy to offer it as an add on module to your subscription.

(1) Select New View from the top-right of the interface 

(2) Click on the Create button under the Related Data Table section

This will open up the Edit Related Data Table screen. This is where you add in your location, and data variable. In this example, we will select a random PRIZM Premier segment. Keep in mind, this report will add in all of the segments for you.

Select Done once the location and data variable have been added, and the report will generate.

Click on the Location/column header to sort either Ascending or Descending. It looks like the ZIP Code 10001 in New York is largely classified as Connected Bohemians.

Click on the variable title to view the Metadata and learn more about this segment.

Interesting stuff! If your organization is interested in having a trial or webinar of the PRIZM dataset featured here, feel free to reach out to: support@simplyanalytics.com