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The Location Query Report

Posted on Mar 13, 2023 by Admin

Hello readers! Today, we’re excited to officially introduce the Location Query Report in SimplyAnalytics. The Location Query Report is a powerful feature in SimplyAnalytics that allows users to quickly and easily identify target locations. This report is especially useful for businesses, researchers, and marketers who are looking to find some locations based on their desired conditions. Think of this report as a reimagining of the data filters, where we’ve put that functionality into a report and made it easier to understand what you are viewing. Let’s take a look at an example.

How to Create this Report:

In your project, click on New View > “Create” Under the Location Query report

The Location Query report appears. Some tips in the image below of the layout:

To begin the query, first choose from the dropdown at the top that reads: Find all X in Y that match the following conditions. This is where to choose which locations you are looking for. For example, find all ZIP Codes in Colorado, or all Census Tracts in Miami-Dade County, etc.

Next, add in variables by clicking on them and specify the conditions you are looking for. TIP: Any data variable in SimplyAnalytics can be a condition, and you are welcome to have dozens of conditions, so feel free to be as creative or as specific as you want!

Click Search, and voila! The far-right side of the workspace will display which locations meet your criteria. Check out the report we created below:

So, in case you were wondering - there are 16 ZIP Codes in the USA that:

Have a Median HH Income greater than $65,000


The % of Adults 25+ with a Bachelor’s degree or higher is greater than 30%


The % of adults who have been on Twitter in the past week is greater than 25%


The Average HH spends more than $100 on Beer and Ale away from Home


The Average Temperature in December is between 40 and 60 degrees


The Zip Codes have a population of more than 1,500

This is sort of a silly example, but it does highlight what you are capable of doing with this report in SimplyAnalytics. Let us know any interesting queries you come up with!