Michigan State University Offers SimplyMap Training

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Michigan State University is offering their users a basic introduction to using SimplyMap. The 1.5 hour session will cover the basics of how to use SimplyMap to create maps and reports using demographic and business data. The training will be held on Friday, February 13, 2009 from 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM in the Business Library.

MSU also offers a free online guide designed to help new users with SimplyMap. The online guide includes how to create maps and reports, mapping points of interest, exporting maps for use in MS Word or PowerPoint, and suggestions for how to cite SimplyMap. This detailed webguide is free to the public.

MSU SimplyMap Basic Guide

MSU Training Class – February 13, 2009


University of Iowa Libraries: Add Informative Maps to Your Presentations

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Excerpt from University of Iowa Library blog:

In your marketing class, you may be developing a marketing plan for a pre-made meals restaurant specializing in vegetarian menus in Chicagoland. How do you learn where the highest percentage of people who purchase Boca Burgers live in Cook County?

Maybe you are working with an elder services agency in Des Moines and would like to provide computer classes for senior citizens across the state, but the question is where would be the best place to hold the classes?

The answer is in SimplyMap. SimplyMap is a web-based mapping application that lets you quickly create professional-quality thematic maps and reports, using the thousands of US demographic, business and marketing data variables.


University of Iowa Library News


GRI sponsors ACRA Retail Analysis Competition

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Geographic Research, Inc. (GRI) is pleased to sponsor the fourth annual American Collegiate Retailing Association’s Undergraduate Student Retail Analysis Competition. This is the second year GRI has sponsored the competition, which will focus on a location analysis for Port of Subs sandwich shops. Student teams will compete by selecting a new site for a Port of Subs franchise store and developing a business plan to support their site selection, using SimplyMap to assist in the analysis. Winners will be announced during ACRA’s Spring 2009 conference, schedule in Las Vegas, NV in May 2009. The competition is co-chaired by Doreen Burdalski of Albright College, Carol Kaufman-Scarborough of Rutgers University and Hong Yu of Ryerson University.

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University of Washington Launches 9 new SimplyMap Tutorials

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Doreen Harwood, Business Librarian from the University of Washington has developed a series of detailed tutorials on using SimplyMap. The tutorials, which are Flash-based and interactive, cover the following topics:

Module 1: How to Register and Create a Personal Workspace

Module 2: How to Select Geographic Locations

Module 3: How to Build and Export Research Items

Module 4: How to Build and Export Image Items

Module 5: How to Develop Data and Image Items with More Geographically Specific Detail

Module 6: How to Rank SimplyMap Data (See Module 9 for a simpler ranking method)

Module 7: How to Find and Use MRI Consumer Survey Data

Module 8: How to Edit the SimplyMap Legend

Module 9: How to Rank Data Using SimplyMap Ranking Feature

Thank you to Doreen for developing this valuable resource and making it available to the SimplyMap community!

University of Washington SimplyMap Tutorials


Drexel University Library Develops Poster Introducing SimplyMap to Students

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A team of librarians at Drexel University has developed a detailed poster to introduce SimplyMap as a new research tool for the student body. The poster was launched on Drexel Research Day in April 2008, and is available as a free download from the Drexel Library website. It includes detailed information on how to use SimplyMap, including examples of research and business questions that can be answered with SimplyMap. Thank you to Jay Bhatt, Tara Martin, Larry Millikin, Josh Roberts, Tim Siftar, and Beth Ten-Have for creating this innovative new tool!

Drexel University Library SimplyMap Poster

SimplyMap Poster - Drexel University


SimplyMap Recognized as Outstanding Business Reference Source

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The BRASS Business Reference Sources Committee of Reference & User Services Quarterly (RUSA) selected SimplyMap as one of the Outstanding Business Reference Sources for 2007.

Excerpt from the article:

SimplyMap is an exquisite solution to frequently asked business reference questions. It combines mapping capabilities with extensive demographic, business, and marketing data that enables novice users to create their own interactive thematic maps and reports using a Web browser.

Millennial students, who tend to be visual learners, may even have fun completing their marketing assignments with this innovative product. Public librarians will be thanked by their users for adding this resource that produces professional-quality thematic maps and reports.

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