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SimplyMap Tip: Saved Tabs

Posted on Oct 02, 2015 by Admin

In this week’s SimplyMap tip, we wanted to do a quick write up reminding users about the Saved Tabs feature within SimplyMap.

Did you know that SimplyMap will automatically save all of your work on maps or reports? Although your tabs will save by default, there is a separate option to delete your tab/work. Please note that deleted tabs cannot be recovered.

Let’s take a look at how this works. Firstly, identify a tab you would like to close - we have a Business Report titled Full-Service Restaurants - Raleigh. Next, click on the respective tab and choose the Close option.


You’ll notice on the SimplyMap dashboard now that our business report tab is gone.


To bring the business report back up, select Saved Tabs located towards the top right of SimplyMap. This will bring up a list of your closed tabs. Hover over the target report and select open.


SimplyMap will open up the report as it was originally created.


That’s it for this week’s tip. We hope you take advantage of this feature, and learned something new about SimplyMap today. Stay tuned for more!