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Introducing Election Data

Posted on Dec 11, 2023 by Admin

Hello readers! We have some fantastic news to share. SimplyAnalytics is thrilled to announce the addition of 2020 Election data to our expanding collection of powerful datasets. With this latest update, you can now gain deeper insights into the electoral landscape of the United States, and best of all - this dataset is free and available now for all SimplyAnalytics customers! Let's delve into the significance of this update.

Explore the 2020 Election Data:

With the inclusion of 2020 Election data in SimplyAnalytics, you can access a comprehensive range of election information. Dive into county-level voting results for:

  • Presidential (Winning margin, Democrat votes, Republican votes)
  • US Senate (Winning margin, Democrat votes, Republican votes)
  • US House (Winning margin, Democrat votes, Republican votes)
  • Governor (Winning margin, Democrat votes, Republican votes)

You will also have the opportunity to analyze specific candidates in state-wide elections. For example, votes for Jon Ossoff versus David Perdue for the counties in Georgia or John Rutherford versus Donna Deegan in Florida’s 4th Congressional District.

Gain Actionable Insights & Commingle Data for a Holistic Picture:

By analyzing 2020 Election data in SimplyAnalytics, you can identify voting patterns, assess the influence of different demographics, and uncover trends that shaped the final outcome.

With our intuitive mapping and visualization tools, you can also easily transform this raw 2020 Election data into visually engaging and easy-to-understand maps, charts, and graphs.

Of course, SimplyAnalytics also has the ability to combine datasets seamlessly. By co-mingling 2020 Election data with other demographic, marketing, psychographic or even health datasets, you can create a holistic picture of the election's results. For example, you can explore correlations between voting patterns and income levels or lifestyle data.

The addition of 2020 Election data to SimplyAnalytics is an exciting milestone, opening up new possibilities for exploration and analysis. Whether you are a researcher, student, business professional, or a data enthusiast, this update is sure to provide a valuable resource for better understanding the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

Log in to SimplyAnalytics now and start exploring. Have fun!