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SimplyMap Tip - Recent Business Search

Posted on Jun 16, 2016 by Admin

This week’s SimplyMap report is a quick tip that we hope you find useful and time saving. Did you know that SimplyMap will save all recently searched business queries for future usage? Let’s take a look at this feature.

Within a map or business report, there is a Recent option located directly below the Businesses text on the left hand side of your screen (on a Map you are required to click on the Businesses text to bring up the option).


Once selected, a window will open up containing all recently used queries.


Hover over one of the searches and use the Action dropdown menu to see the options available, including:

Show Matching Businesses - this will automatically run the search again for you.
Rename - allows you to rename the search
Copy - this will open up the businesses panel with the query terms already entered. This is ideal if you have multiple conditions and want to make an edit.
Delete - permanently deletes the query.


On April 21st we ran a search for Walmart and Target Stores in Philadelphia as part of our weekly blog. My new Location is Los Angeles in a map, and using the Show Matching Businesses feature above I can quickly see that search applied to my map.


We hope you find this tip useful - let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see, and stay tuned for more!