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SimplyMap Tip: Exporting Maps

Posted on May 15, 2015 by Admin

In this week’s SimplyMap report, we want to share with you the many options available when exporting maps in SimplyMap. In SimplyMap, when a user selects Export Map Image from the Actions bar, you will be presented with a 3 step export process. This report will cover all options available from each step. Let’s get started!


The arrows in the image below refer to the Standard Size and Orientation of your cropping square. Changing either of these options will alter the cropping square to your selection.

Options available for Standard Size: Letter, Legal, Tabloid
Orientation: Portrait or Landscape


If you prefer instead to customize the size and shape of your cropping area, you may do so by clicking and dragging along an edge or corner of the box until the area meets your desired specifications. Example shown below:


With the cropping area to your choosing, advance to the next step of the export process by selecting “Continue to Layout” from the bottom left side of the cropping menu.

Step 2 - LAYOUT

This step allows users a myriad of customization options. Let’s take a look at these.

Adding a Label - Located towards the top of the menu is a button to “Add Text Label”. Once selected, you may enter a title and change the color or font size of your labels. Feel free to add additional labels as needed.


Tip: You can also move the location of the label itself to anywhere in or around your map.

Adding an Inset Map and North Arrow - The bottom left side of the menu will present checkboxes to add an inset map or north arrow. Selecting one or both will add them to your map.

Picture of Inset Map:


Tip: You may resize or relocate your inset map as needed by selecting the map and moving it to a new location and editing the width, height, left, and top values.

Picture of North Arrow:


Tip: Similar to the inset map and labels, you may relocate and resize your arrow.

Adjusting Page Size, and Orientation: The page size, and orientation options will allow you to tailor the final layout presentation of your image. For custom sizes, there is an option to edit the width and height values as shown below:


Step 3 - Export your Map

The final step in the exporting process is to choose your file format and method of delivery.

Available file formats: PNG, JPEG, SVG and PDF

Delivery options: Email or direct download


Click “Finished” to export your map!

We hope you enjoyed this SimplyMap feature showcase - let us know if there’s anything in particular you would like to see explained!