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SimplyMap Tip: Creating a Custom Location

Posted on Dec 15, 2014 by Admin

Custom Locations allow SimplyMap users to combine several locations into one larger region. For example, you can use this feature to combine three adjacent ZIP Codes to create your study area.

In this example, we will take a look at neighborhoods (at the block group level) surrounding a university in Chicago.

To get started creating your custom location from the map, use the i-tool and select a location. There will be a drop down to “Add to Combination” with an option to “Create New Combination”.


This will open up a box to create your combination. Enter a name, and Save.


Once saved, your combination location will be available to have additional locations added to it. To add more locations, use the i-tool over a location once more, and select “Add to Combination” while choosing the combination that was just created.


Repeat this process with all locations you would like to include. Selecting the locations panel, and going to “Custom” will allow you to access your new location.


Below is a map representing the new custom location.


One of the additional features of creating a custom location, is that this location can be utilized throughout your reports. SimplyMap will combine the data from each individual location, and present the total for the combined custom location.


Method #2

The second method of creating a custom combination does not require the user to have the location in a recent or favorites, as described above.

1. Go to locations, and select your geography.

2. Check the box for Custom Location, as shown below:


3. Select "Combination Location" (by default the Radius Location will be checked)

4. If you don't already have a custom area, select "Create Combination" and give the target area a name, as shown below:


5. Save

6. Now you can select the drop down of locations and add them into your new custom combination that you created.


When you're ready to use your new location, select "Use This Combination"

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