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SimplyMap Tip - Choosing the Correct Report

Posted on Jan 23, 2015 by Admin

SimplyMap offers a total of 5 unique types of reports: Standard Report, Ranking Report, Business Report, Ring Study, and Location Analysis. This brief write up will define what each report does, and provide a real-world example of each.

Standard Report definition - a table comparing multiple variables across several locations/location types.

Standard Report real-world use - you are applying for a grant for your city, and would like to analyze some socioeconomic variables to compare your city against the county, state, and United States.


Ranking Report definition - a table ranking up to 250 locations within a single geography (ex. zipcodes within a city) and single data variable.

Ranking Report real-world use - you are looking for a target area to open up a social program for low income areas and want to rank ZIP Codes in Atlanta, GA from lowest median income up.


Business Report definition - generates a report showing all businesses that meet your search criteria within a given location.

Business Report real-world use - you are thinking of opening up a pizza restaurant in a city, so you want to see a list of how many pizza restaurants already exist close to your desired location.


Ring Study definition - a demographic analysis of a target area based on a 1, 3, or 5 mile (or kilometer) radius around a location.

Ring Study real-world use - use to compare different variables in the immediate area, within a specified radius around the selected location.


Location Analysis definition - view & compare data for all counties in a state, ZIP codes in a city, census tracts in a county, etc.

Location Analysis real-world use - A medical equipment provider may review health data in a Location Analysis to identify cities in the state to consider visiting to market equipment for an ailment.


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