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SimplyMap Quick Tips

Posted on Apr 27, 2015 by Admin

In this week’s write up we want to share some quick tips and tricks that you might not yet know about in SimplyMap.

TIP #1

Did you know that you can share your work? SimplyMap allows you to quickly and easily share your work with other SimplyMap users. Here’s how:

Click on the drop down by the tab you’d like to share, and click SHARE


After selecting share, you will be provided with a customized URL.


Copy and send this URL to another SimplyMap user. When the user clicks the link, they will be presented with the work you completed.

TIP #2

Accidentally closed out a tab, or trying to review some of your past work? No worries! In SimplyMap, closing out a report or map tab will not delete your work. In fact, your old work can be easily recovered and opened. Here’s how:

At the top right of SimplyMap, you’ll see a button for “Saved Tabs”.


Once selected, a dialog box will appear with your current tabs, and previously created reports/maps. Hover over the work in question, and select open. SimplyMap will reopen the selected report or map.


NOTE: If you select DELETE from a tab’s dropdown, your work will be permanently deleted and not stored in your Saved Tabs.

TIP #3

Don’t want to see colored data for the areas around your target location? Apply a location mask. Here’s a before and after shot:


smtips5Go to Display Options > Apply Location Mask:




We hope that you were able to learn from one of these quick tips. Stay tuned for more tips and interesting reports.

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