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Simmons MOSAIC Segment Groups: Technology

Posted on Jul 19, 2016 by Admin

Are you a tech wizard? Maybe you’re an apprentice? Learn more about technology consumption behaviors using the Simmons MOSAIC Technology Adoption segments located within the SimmonsLOCAL dataset.

The Experian Marketing Services Technology Adoption segmentation delivers the mindset of American consumers providing vivid details of their use and adoption of technology. There are four unique segments within this folder: wizard, apprentice, journeyman and novice. Details of each are listed below, along with the top 10 counties who represent the highest percentage of each segment.

Note: We used a Ranking Report and a population filter of 300,000 to get the results below.


'Technology is life.' Technology plays an important and broad role in Wizards' life. These individuals cannot live without the internet or imagine life without new electronic gadgets. Wizards are enthusiastic and adventurous users of new technology. Technology and new gadgetry helps them keep track of their social calendars and makes leisure time more interesting. This group still wants more from technology and these desires help to move the industry forward. Wizards' hunger for new technology fuels a future for potential new features, benefits and devices.

Top 10 Wizard Counties:



'Technology is changing my life.' Apprentices take advantage of technology, using the internet often to get needed information. New gadgets enhance their lives to a large extent, but there is still room for them to expand their usage. Apprentices are willing to learn and incorporate new technology into their lives, but they are sensitive to price and often make their purchase decisions based on this rather than desire alone. In fact, affordability is one of the few barriers that prevent this group from buying the newest technology.
Top 10 Apprentice Counties:



'Technology is an important part of my life.' Journeymen have become skilled users of new technology. They are very confident with and knowledgeable about technology and willing to experiment with new features, benefits and devices. For Journeymen, the internet is a source of information, commerce, entertainment as well as a means of connecting with others. While cutting-edge electronic devices may help Journeymen organize their busy lifestyles, new technology is not always their top priority.
Top 10 Journeyman Counties



'Technology has a limited impact on my life.' Novices are disconnected from emerging technology and resistant to adopting a new technology-focused life. They may have a desire for new digital products and services if they are simple and easy to use. This group does not understand what kinds of opportunities and experiences technology can provide them and, therefore, they have a very limited engagement with new technology.

Top 10 Novice Counties


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