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How to Use the SIC Search Feature

Posted on Oct 29, 2015 by Admin

Did you know that SimplyMap allows you to search for businesses by NAICS or SIC codes? Searching by these codes is a great alternative to the general keyword search. Using the keyword search function to search for a business is the quickest method of compiling a business report or placing businesses onto a map. But searching by keyword may result in a broad mix of different business types. Narrow your search to a specific business classification type to generate more meaningful results.

Let’s take a look at an example of searching for coffee shops by SIC code in Austin, Texas.

First, Click on New Tabular > Business Report to start a new report.


Open the locations panel, and search by City > Austin. Next, open the Businesses panel to bring up the New business search. Click on the Add Condition button to bring up your options.

1. Set the First dropdown to SIC
2. Second the second dropdown to “is equal to”
3. Click on View List to search by SIC codes.


The SIC Selector screen will open up. From here you may browse by industries or click on the Search tab (1) and type “coffee” (2). When you find the SIC code you are looking for, hover over the option and select Use This Code (3).


The “Count” column lists the number of data points for that SIC code, across the entire country.

It looks like there are a total of 22 coffee related SIC codes available. If the keyword “coffee” were used, your results would have searched through all codes (coffee roasters, coffee equipment stores, etc.).

That’s all these is to it! Click on Show Businesses to generate your report. It looks like there are more than 80 classified coffee shops in Austin!


We hope you found this week’s report useful. Tune in for more SimplyMap reports and tips!