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Exploring SimplyMap Data: Sales At Gift and Souvenir Shops

Posted on Aug 26, 2015 by Admin

Most people in the United States could probably guess which cities are popular amongst tourists - Los Angeles and New York. But can you guess how much money is spent in novelty and souvenir shops at these popular destinations? In this quick SimplyMap report, we will use data from the Retail Market Power data package to find the answers to that. The figures might surprise you! Let’s get started.

First, create a new Ranking Report.


Next, navigate through this path: Retail Market Power » Stores » Miscellaneous Store Retailers » Office Supplies, Stationery, & Gift Stores.

Use the variable titled, RMP: Retail Sales from Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir Stores [NAICS 45322] ($), 2014. Image below for reference.


Next, click on the Locations panel and select USA as your geography. For reference, the USA at large has a grand total of $34,981,081,171.00 in yearly sales at Gift, Novelty and Souvenir stores.

Lastly, select Cities from the Analyze Data By dropdown menu. (Note: we also applied a data filter for population > 150k. You can read more about filters here).


Not surprising, New York takes the #1 spot here with a total of $1,020,996,327.00. The number itself was initially surprising - keep in mind that is only sales at gift/novelty and souvenir stores! A quick google search shows that NYC was visited by over 54 million tourists in 2013 - so perhaps the one billion dollar total in souvenir/gift shop sales is not so surprising after all!

A distant second is Austin, TX with $459,035,328.00. Rounding out the top 5:

3. Phoenix, AZ - $443,240,867.00
4. Los Angeles, CA - $262,295,383.00
5. Madison, WI - $167,439,659.00

We hope you enjoyed this week’s SimplyMap report. Let us know if there is a particular data set or variables you are interested in reading more about. We’d be happy to feature them in our weekly blog.