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Exploring SimplyMap Data: Life Stage Clusters

Posted on Aug 20, 2015 by Admin

Is there a specific age group and income bracket you are specifically interested in researching for a target location? Our Life Stages module has the information you need. Life Stages, by EASI is a premium data set available for trial or purchase to all SimplyMap subscribers. In this brief write up, we’ll take a look at some of the options available within this data package.

The Life Stages module is broken down into three folders:

Young Households - Very Young <25 and Young 25-34
Middle Age Households - Middle Age 35-44 and Late Middle Age 45-54
Older Households - Nearly Senior 55-64, Senior 65-74 and Oldest 75+

Each of these folders is further broken down by family types and income.The income data has three tiers: lower income, moderate income and higher income. Let’s get started with a demonstration.

Scenario: You want to analyze the city of Chicago by Life Stage clusters to identify high income, non-family households (young, middle age and older).

Step 1: Create a Location Analysis Report, and use the city of Chicago as your location.

Step 2: Open the Variables Panel and navigate to Life Stages and through each household folder, selecting the variables that meet our criteria, such as: % HHs Cluster 12: Very Young (<25) Non-Family with Higher Income, 2014. Image below for reference.


Step 3: Hover over each variable in your report and select “Sort Descending”. This will effectively rank your Chicago ZIP Codes by that variable allowing you to see the ZIP Codes where each selected variable is most represented.


Tip: To gather more information on your variables, such as a definition and summary, select View Metadata from the dropdown that appears when hovering over the variable. Sample shown below:


We hope you enjoyed this week’s feature on the Life Stages data module. If you feel this data package could be useful at your institution, send an email to support@geographicresearch.com We would be happy to set up a free temporary trial.

Stay tuned for more!