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Exploring SimplyMap Data: Internet Search Engines

Posted on May 26, 2016 by Admin

In this week’s report exploring SimplyMap data, we take a look at the variables available relative to internet search engines used. The source of this data will come from the SimmonsLOCAL data set which, as we’ve mentioned before, contains over 60,000 data variables. With that much data available, it’s safe to say that this series will be around for a very long time. Let’s get started!

Our general assumption here is that Google is the most used search engine in the United States. But does the data backup our assumption? Let’s find out.

First, create a new Standard Report under the New Tabular Report button:


Next, open the Variables panel and navigate through the following path to find the variables of interest: SimmonsLOCAL » INTERNET » SEARCH ENGINES(COMPUTERS & OTHR DEVICES) » SEARCH ENGINES - HOW USED » SEARCH ENGINE I CURRENTLY USE MOST OFTEN.


In total, there are four folders that contain search engine data, broken down by:

1. Search Engine I Currently Use Most Often
2. I Currently Also Use This Search Engine
3. Have Used This Search Engine in the Past
4. I Have Never Used this Search Engine

Each folder contains data on five search engines:

1. AOL
2. Ask
3. Bing
4. Google
5. Yahoo

As the path above indicates, we’ll be focusing on the first folder - Search Engine I Currently Use Most Often. Once you have selected the associated percent variables for the 5 search engines, close out your report to compile the data for the United States. Results below!


Our assumption was proven correct by the data, although the disparity between the search engines was surprising, with Google being the overwhelming favorite here in the United States.

Last week we posted a map challenging readers to guess what the map was portraying. The correct answer? Average Annual Snowfall (Total Inches)! If you guessed correctly, good job. If not, stay tuned for more!