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Exploring SimplyMap Data: America’s Favorite Music

Posted on Sep 09, 2015 by Admin

This week’s SimplyMap report will set out to discover what America’s favorite type of music is. We will use data within the premium data package, SimmonsLOCAL to answer the question. The process outlined below can be completed within a matter of minutes - let’s get started!

First, create a new Standard Report.


Next, locate the folder MUSIC - TYPES LIKE MOST. When you hover over this folder, use the option to Use All Variables from the action menu. Picture below for reference.


Close out the Variables panel to generate your report. Lastly, Sort Descending to see the highest totals represented up top. To do so, hover over the USA and select Sort Descending from the dropdown menu:


So what is America’s favorite type of music? According to our data, America’s favorite type of music is 60s and 70s Pop Classic Rock, featuring bands such as The Beatles and The Eagles! A distant second is Traditional Country featuring artists such as Keith Urban and Martina McBride.

For fun, let’s add a few other places and repeat the Sort Descending process.


Washington D.C’s favorite music: Pop R&B (Jasun Derulo, Rhianna)
Miami’s favorite music: Latin Ballads followed closely by Salsa/Merengue
New York’s favorite music: 60s and 70s Pop Classic Rock

We hope you enjoyed exploring SimplyMap data with us this week. Stay tuned for more reports and tips!