The best web-based analytics application for universities, colleges, libraries, and businesses! SimplyAnalytics can be accessed from anywhere, providing powerful data visualization tools to those working remotely.

What is SimplyAnalytics?

SimplyAnalytics is a web-based mapping, analytics, and data visualization application that makes it easy for anyone to create interactive maps, charts, and reports using 100,000+ data variables. Answering questions using premium demographic, business, health, and marketing data has never been easier. Explore SimplyAnalytics today!

Amazing Analytics

SimplyAnalytic’s intuitive analysis tools generate detailed custom maps and reports for any location in the country. Add individual data variables or entire groups of variables and generate a report in seconds, or create a ring study report illustrating the characteristics of the 1-, 3-, and 5-mile radius surrounding your target location. Rank locations, apply filters to maps and reports, and create custom study areas to further hone your research.

Easy to use

With SimplyAnalytics, the entire user interface was designed with you in mind. Anyone can make maps and reports with just a few clicks, and everything you create can be exported or emailed to any email address. Our interactive wizards walk new users through the process of making maps and reports. In addition, industry-leading customer service, live chat, speedy email support, and numerous tutorial videos make it easy to find the answers you need when you get stuck.

Powerful data

SimplyAnalytics has all the data you need to answer key research questions, make sound business decisions, and understand the socio-demographic and economic conditions of any geographic area in the United States and Canada. We currently offer more than 75,000 data variables related to demographics, employment, housing, market segments, businesses, consumer spending, brand preferences, public health, and more from industry-leading data vendors.



Reviews for our award-winning applications SimplyMap & SimplyAnalytics:

“SimplyMap is an outstanding online subscription service…with surprisingly rich GIS analysis capabilities.”

Choice Magazine

“SimplyAnalytics makes it easy to do market analysis at the local level.”

“SimplyAnalytics has better content and a better interface than competitors.”

“SimplyAnalytics has more options available for displaying data, including many different types of tables and statistics.”

The Charleston Advisor

“SimplyMap is my favorite online tool that we offer. It’s powerful, easy to use, and capable of creating amazing data-driven maps and reports with little effort.”
Nathan Whitt, Information Services Manager

Cumberland County Public Library

simplyanalytics features

SimplyAnalytics enables non-technical and advanced users to quickly create professional thematic maps and reports
using powerful demographic, business, and marketing data.

Interactive Maps

Create professional quality maps using 100,000+ data variables. Customize colors, data categories, boundaries, and other features.

Organize with Projects

Create projects to organize your work.

Detailed Reports

SimplyAnalytics generates intuitive and detailed custom reports for any location in the country.

Exporting Options

Export maps as high-resolution images or shapefiles, and export reports as Excel, CSV, or DBF files.

Magical Data Views

Several useful views of your data are auto-generated to answer your questions faster than ever.

Business Maps and Reports

Add business locations to your map, or create a business report to view details on more than 22 million businesses.

Rank Locations

Want to know the top 50 wealthiest counties in the USA? Quickly create rankings using any location and data variable.

Data Filters

Identify target areas in maps and reports using powerful data filters.

Share Your Work

Collaborate with other SimplyAnalytics users by sharing your maps and reports.