Introducing Histograms to SimplyAnalytics

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Welcome readers! Today we are excited to welcome histograms to SimplyAnalytics. We hope you enjoy this wonderful new visualization as much as we do. Let’s take a look.

What is a histogram?

In short, a histogram is similar to a bar chart, but instead groups values into ranges (referred to as “bins”). The height of each bar displays how many values fall within that bin.


Let’s take a look at an easy to read example. The histogram view can be found under New View > Histogram in the program. The example below is showing the % of adults (pop 25+) with a bachelor’s degree or higher in States in the USA.


Each bin size, or bar width along the X axis represents a 5% range – so, 20-25%, 25-30%, etc. (zoomed in below)


The height of each bin represents how many states fall within that bin/range. The example here means that 6 states in the USA have between 20-25% of the adult population who have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

TIP: Reference the legend on your screen to help interpret the visualization.

Notice towards the far-right of our histogram there does seem to be a potential outlier in the data – there is 1 state where 55-60% of the population 25 and above have at least a bachelor’s degree! Can you guess what state that is?

Answer/Bonus Tip: Towards the top-right of your histogram, click on View Actions > Create Data Table. 

This will generate a Ranking Report for you, and you can quickly sort to find out the answer here……drum roll……it’s the District of Columbia, with a value of 57.15% – the lone state within that bin mentioned above.


Last Note: You can edit the color of the bars, title and bin sizes of your histogram by clicking Edit on the Legend.  Feel free to make any changes here, and your histogram will automatically be updated.

Check out our final histogram below with new colored bins, bin sizes set to 2% instead of 5%, and title.

As always, you are welcome to export your work by clicking on the Export button towards the top-right of the screen.

We hope you enjoy this new visualization! Feel free to contact us at anytime by emailing

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    thank you for this addition! Looking forward to exploring it.

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