From the Help Desk – How Do I Generate a List of All Restaurants in my City?

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Hello readers! It’s been a minute since our last tutorial post, but you can expect to see more content on a weekly basis moving forward. “From the Help Desk” is a new feature on the blog where we select a question sent to the Help Desk and share our response with the SimplyAnalytics community. Please send us your feedback and let us know if you like it – let’s get started!

Question: How do I generate a list of all the restaurants in my city?

You can use a Business Table to generate a list of businesses in any location. In your project:

1. Select New View at the top-right and Create under the Business Table heading.

2. Select the Businesses button on the left – this question requires use of the Advanced Business Search feature.

3. Select, “Use Advanced Search” – set the first dropdown to NAICS, then select “starts with” and lastly type in the word restaurant. A list of related businesses will appear.

4. Click on 72251 – this query is then setup to include 722511 (full service) and 722513 (limited service).

5. Click search, then Done on the Edit View page to generate your report.

And that’s all there is! Please let us know if you run into any issues generating your business reports. Email:

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