Visualizing Brand Preference: Athletic Shoes

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In previous blog entries, we highlighted the value of having a mapping application to complement premium data when analyzing America’s geographic preferences in credit cards, and mayonnaise brands. This week we’ll take a look at athletic shoe brand preference in the US for adults 18+.

Similar to the previous entries, we will use the SimmonsLOCAL data set to put these maps together. If your institution does not currently subscribe to the SimmonsLOCAL package, feel free to reach out to us about setting up a free 30-day trial. Let’s get started.

The maps below can each be generated in less than a minute! Open up the Variables panel, and find the variables in question at this path: SimmonsLOCAL » APPAREL » SHOES/ FOOTWEAR » SHOES/ FOOTWEAR – BRANDS.


Click on the variable you are interested, and close out the panel to automatically generate a map of the United States. Results for 3 different brands below!

New Balance






A few interesting takeaways from these maps:

1. New Balance is popular amongst the northern half of the US

2. Folks in the south east love their Nikes

3. Adidas dominates the southern portion of the US, including the south west

Can you think of any other brands of items you would like to see mapped? The SimmonsLOCAL data set contains 8,000 specific brands, it is very possible that we have the data you are looking for. Let us know in the comments below!

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