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With the final week of the college football season in the books, and bowl game selections having just taken place, we wanted to search within SimplyMap to see if any data pertaining to college football bowl games is available. Here’s what we found.

To start, open up the search function within the Variables panel.


In  a previous post, we covered how to use the variable search function to search for multiple terms. First, we searched for “football”.

Not surprising, the results yielded a large number of football related variables at 648.


Next, enter an additional keyword: “college,” and click Search. This narrows our results down to a more manageable (but still a large sum!) 208 variables.


Lastly, add the word “bowl” into your search and there it is – the final list of variables related to college bowl games.


Let’s add these variables into a Standard Report for the US:


America does indeed love its college football, with over 20,000,000 folks watching bowl games from home, and another 2,000,000 watching outside of their home last year!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s SimplyMap report. Stay tuned for more!

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