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In this week’s SimplyMap report, we take a look at one of our newly available data packages – ConneXions® from Nielsen. The ConneXions® segmentation system integrates consumer behavior and usage measures for technology, voice, video and data services with demographics and lifestyle characteristics. ConneXions® enables communications service providers, consumer durables manufacturers, and other companies focused on technology adoption a way to cost-effectively and efficiently retain existing customers, while continuing to acquire new ones.

To give you an idea of these segments, we’ll rank some cities from the US and view each of the top segment’s metadata. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create a Standard Report by selecting New Tabular Report > Standard Report.


Step 2: Choose a location from the Locations panel – in this example, we will first use Austin, TX as our location. Close out the Locations panel.


Step 3: Click on the Variables panel and select the ConneXions® folder. Click on Segments and select “Use All Variables” from the Actions dropdown. Close out the Locations panel to generate your report.


Step 4: To view the highest segment in the city of Austin, hover over the city and select Sort Descending from the actions dropdown that appears.


It looks like the largest segment for Austin is Segment 30: Techs and the City. To read about the segment, hover over the variable and select “View Metadata” – below is an excerpt of this segment’s metadata:


We repeated the process for the cities of Miami and Atlanta to see what their top segments were. Atlanta had a similar result to Austin, with “You & iTunes” as the top segment, but Miami’s “Last to Adopt” segment was most prevalent, reflecting an older average population. Log in to SimplyMap to run your own local analysis – share your results in the comments!

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