SimplyMap 3.0 is Here!

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SimplyMap 3.0 is here, and uses the latest technology to provide better performance, improved reliability, and powerful new features. There are many improvements designed to make it easier than ever to find and analyze data and create professional, GIS quality thematic maps. Here are the most significant changes.

New Maps, Enhanced User Interface
SimplyMap 3.0 uses the latest mapping technology and improved basemap styling. Our maps are more detailed than ever, yet easy to digest. The rest of the SimplyMap interface has also received a subtle face lift.

Business Points Report
Create and export lists of businesses directly in a report.

Customizable Map Exports
Significant improvements to map exports allow users to crop map images, control paper size and page orientation, and export maps as high resolution vector images.

Location Aliases
Give locations an alias, or nickname, (e.g., “My House” or “Target Area”) to make them more user friendly.

i-Tool Enhancements
Click anywhere on the map with the new i-Tool to identify all geographic units for that location.

More Compatible
Cross browser compatibility now includes Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 7 and higher.

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