SimplyMap 2.0 is Here!

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The GRI team is very excited to announce the launch of SimplyMap 2.0! Completely redesigned, it is now easier than ever to access data and create professional quality thematic maps and reports.

SimplyMap 2.0

We have been working  hard on many improvements – too many to list them all, but here are a few of the most significant changes:

Completely Redesigned Interface
Veteran users of SimplyMap will notice the completely redesigned interface right away. The look and feel of the application have been redesigned from the ground up, with input from librarians, faculty, and students. The new look reduces clutter, freeing up more screen real estate for maps and reports, and puts the most important features and controls right up front where they belong.

Interactive Wizards
Hands-on wizards walk you through step-by-step tutorials of each feature — they will help you create professional thematic maps in just minutes!

Tab-Based Interface
Organize your maps and reports using tabs to instantly switch between all of your SimplyMap projects. Tabs can be renamed, saved, closed, and reopened in seconds, and you can also add tags and keywords to quickly find your work.

Advanced Data Filters
Identify target areas in maps and reports using SimplyMap’s powerful data filters. Locations that do not match your criteria are removed, leaving you with a clear and concise view of your data. Filters can be simple, such as “average income > $50,000,” or can involve multiple variables and conditions.

Share your maps and reports with other SimplyMap users by creating an exact copy of your work that other users can retrieve by clicking on an active link.

Improved Data Search
SimplyMap’s powerful search engine helps users find the data most relevant to their research among more than 75,000 variables using boolean logic. Search the variable name, folder, or source agency in any combination to to see the most popular variables at the top of your list.

Improved Performance
SimplyMap’s code is more efficient than ever, resulting in amazingly fast performance, and the new interface minimizes page reloads, which speeds things up even more.

There is a quick overview, but you really have to try SimplyMap 2.0 for yourself to experience all the benefits first-hand. Contact us today to arrange a free trial or to upgrade at no additional cost.

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