Release Announcement

Hello readers! We are happy to announce that SimplyAnalytics has successfully migrated to the Census 2020 boundaries on Sunday, November 19th. This blog will talk about what that is, what it means for you now, and what it means moving forward. Let’s get into it.

What is this migration all about?

The United States Census Bureau provides updates to location boundaries every 10 years. They do this based on population changes, and to ensure fair representation for locations that have changed over time. For example, maybe a Census Tract or Census Block Group has grown in population over time and once it reaches a certain population threshold, that Census Tract or Block Group will get split up and new Tracts or Block Groups will be created.

Check out the example below that highlights the same area in Arizona in 2019 (green), and then with updated boundaries in 2020 (orange).

If you’re interested in a more detailed overview of this feel free to check out the video here:

What does it mean for SimplyAnalytics?