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Hello readers! We hope you are having a wonderful day. Today we feature a question from the help desk that we think many users would find useful. Let’s get started.

The question: How can I identify all cities in the US that have a population of 25K to 100K?

The answer: This is a great question, and a perfect use case for the data filter feature in SimplyAnalytics. Here’s how to do that: In your Project, select New View (1) > Create Ranking Report (2)

next, set your Location to: USA (3) – then add in the Total Population data variable (4) that is found under the Popular Data Category. Click Done (5).

At the top of the Ranking Report, set the dropdown to be “Cities” such that it is displaying: Cities in USA

Click on the Filter option at the top-right of the Ranking Report view (1), and then select “Total Population” (2) as the filter criteria, then “is between” in the second dropdown (3) and enter 25,000 to 100,000, and “Apply” (4). Optional: You may want to check off the option to “hide” as shown in the attached image (5) – this will completely remove any cities outside of the filter criteria.

And that’s it! When you click on apply and close out the filter panel the final ranking report will be displayed only showing cities between 25 and 100k population.

We hope you found this write up helpful. Please email us if you have any questions about the filter at: 

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