From the Help Desk: How do I analyze data for downtown?

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Hello readers! We hope you’re having a wonderful week. Today we feature another entry from our From the Help Desk series. Let’s get started!

Question: How do I analyze data for downtown?

Answer: Use the combination location feature. The combination location feature enables users to combine locations of similar geographies to form one larger area. SimplyAnalytics will calculate all number, percent, and average data variables for the custom area. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Click on the Locations button (1), and select the Custom Locations heading (2). From there, select Create New Combination Location (3). Enter the name for your location in box 1 (4).

(5) If you have a list of locations that make up your custom location, you can enter them into box number 2. Alternatively, if you have previously used or favorited locations, you can easily access them by clicking on the respective icons within the Locations option as shown in step 5 above. (6) Click Save.

Your new location gets created and can now be mapped or used with any of the available reports in SimplyAnalytics:

That’s all we have for today – stay tuned for more!

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