Behind the Scenes: Setting up the SimplyAnalytics Booth

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Hi everybody! This week we wanted to bring you something unique, so we’re taking you behind the scenes to show you what goes in to setting up the SimplyAnalytics conference booth you’ve come to know and enjoy for the past few years. Let’s get into it now!

First, we need to ensure that our booth arrived intact during shipping – did you know that altogether, our booth weighs over 450 pounds?! The two pictures below represent our typical initial inspection to make sure everything arrived ok.

The assembly process requires about 3 hours, ideally with 2 people.

Time to put the frame together! Don’t be fooled by its simple look – this frame not only contains over 20 LED strips that need to be carefully attached (both at the top and bottom ensuring the male/female connectors line up to where our power is located), but connecting the pieces of frame together requires a delicate touch coupled with the right set of fasteners and tools.

It’s a game of patience and meticulousness and definitely the most time consuming step in setting up our booth. With the frame together, it’s time to put the front and back graphics on.

The graphics themselves are large enough to comfortably attach around the frame, however, in order for the booth to look as nice as possible, we have to double over the fabric in a way that stretches the graphics out taut so no wrinkles or creases are visible. 

Trust us, it’s harder than it looks! Think of trying to put on a really large fitted sheet, except this requires extra muscle and restraint.

With the tricky parts out of the way, we can proceed to the easier stuff:

After carefully attaching the legs while still on the floor – it’s time to stand the booth up.

This step is simple, although it often requires that we readjust the leg length on one or both sides to accommodate any differences in the carpet height.

Next, we carefully remove our custom made island stand, and snake through the internet and power cables. The monitor then gets attached, and we are in the home stretch! The brochure stand and chairs can now make an appearance.


And voila! We bring out our business cards, brochures, Ghirardelli chocolates, laptop and turn everything on to ensure the booth is ready to go for the show.

The very last step is typically a high five and “good job!” between colleagues for a job well done.

Did you enjoy this behind the scenes look?  Let us know below!

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