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In this week’s SimplyMap report, we’ll take a look at the tags feature and demonstrate how it can be useful for you as you work in SimplyMap. SimplyMap users can have up to 20 tabs open in SimplyMap, each with a different map or report. As you progress and generate more tabs, it becomes useful to organize your work. This is where the tags feature comes in handy.

Let’s say for example that you want to revert back to some tabs  mapping technology adoption data that you previously closed out. If you didn’t tag your work, and did not name the tab, the task of finding the right tab can become tedious. Your saved tabs list looks something like this:


If tags are assigned, you can search by keyword and identify the tab you are looking for quickly. Applying tags to your work is simple, here’s what to do:

Select the Edit drop down menu located towards the top-left of your report (1), enter a tag in the available textbox (2), and then Add (3). See image below:


Once added, you’ll see a tag added by that option:


To assign the “Tech” tag to other tabs in SimplyMap, open the tab and select “Tech” from the available tags:


When you go back to your saved/managed tabs list, you be able to see or quickly search for all maps and reports related to Tech.


Stay tuned for more SimplyMap tips!


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