Creating a Custom Location from a Map

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While creating a radius location is the fastest and easiest method for creating a custom location, there may be situations that require a more specific and targeted locale. Let’s say for example that our target area for analysis are a few neighborhoods located west of Rittenhouse Square Park in Philadelphia.

A radius location would not work in this example as it will include all areas within a defined radius (e.g., 5 miles) around a specific block group. Using the process outlined below will allow you to focus in on the specific areas west of Rittenhouse Square Park, and create a custom location directly from a map. Let’s get started!

First, zoom in on the target area that will make up the custom location.


Utilize the i-tool and select the first area that will be included in your custom location. Hover over Add to Combination to select the option Create New Combination.


Give your location a name, and click save.


With the Combination now created, open the Locations panel, click on Custom and use the newly created combination.


Your map will now look like this (with the one location we clicked on earlier):
Note: We applied a Location Mask to remove colors outside of our target area (shown in white now).


Use the i-tool once more, and repeat the process above adding new locations into the combination location:


Final result:


With the target area now created, you can utilize it in both maps and reports for further analysis.


Stay tuned for more SimplyMap tips and how-to’s!

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