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In this week’s SimplyMap report we’ll take a look at one of our newer data packages offered, P$YCLE® by Nielsen.

P$YCLE® is a segmentation system that evaluates consumers using key demographic factors that have the greatest effect on their financial behaviors, such as income, age, presence of children, home ownership and Nielsen’ proprietary measure of Income Producing Assets (IPA). The result is a total of 58 P$YCLE® segments, within 12 P$YCLE Lifestage Groups, each with distinct usage patterns for financial and investment products and services.

Let’s take a look at the top segments from a few cities around the US. First, create a new Standard Report (under New Tabular Report > Standard Report). Next, open the variables panel and navigate to the P$YCLE® segments folder – from there, select Add All Variables from the action dropdown that appears. Close out the panel to generate your report for the US.psycle1

Hover over the Location header in your report and select Sort Descending to view the top segment for the United States:


The top segment for the United States is Segment 57: Young Urban Renters. To read more about this segment, hover over the variable and select View Metadata.psycle3

Lastly, add some locations of interest to your report and repeat the process above for each heading to view its highest segment. Results below!

Houston, TX – Segment 56: Economizers


San Francisco, CA – Segment 5: Power Couples


Pittsburgh, PA – Segment 49: Loan Rangers


We hope you enjoyed this week’s SimplyMap report reviewing the P$YCLE® data set – if your institution is interested in a trial of this package, please email support@geographicresearch.com

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