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In this week’s SimplyMap report we take a look into the SimmonsLOCAL dataset to determine which cities in America have the highest percentage of residents who consume organic food products. Let’s jump right in.

Before we rank the variable, % FOOD – GENERAL | ORGANIC FOODS | ORGANIC FOODS – HH USES? | YES, 2014 let’s do a quick search for “organic” to see how many related variables are in SimplyMap. Open the Variables tab, click on Search, and type in “organic”.

You will then get a list of all variables in SimplyMap that contain the keyword organic.


SimplyMap has a grand total of 137 “organic” associated variables across all datasets (the majority being within the SimmonsLOCAL package) with variables such as organic bread, and organic baby food use. Interesting!

It’s helpful to see what the US percentage is for our organic usage variable. This will help get a sense of the cities compare to the national total. Create a Standard Report with the US as your location, and the variable % FOOD – GENERAL | ORGANIC FOODS | ORGANIC FOODS – HH USES? | YES, 2014.


It looks like roughly one-quarter of the US claim to consume organic foods. On to the ranking.

Click on New Ranking at the top of SimplyMap. Next, select Recent from the Variables panel to quickly find and rank the variable used above. Lastly, set the Analyze Data By dropdown to Cities. Results below!

Note: We applied a population filter of > 200,000 residents to remove any percentages that might be unusually high due to a small population total.


Any surprises in the results above?

We hope you enjoyed this week’s SimplyMap report. Stay tuned for more!

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