College Bowl Game Data

With the final week of the college football season in the books, and bowl game selections having just taken place, we wanted to search within SimplyMap to see if any data pertaining to college football bowl games is available. Here’s what we found.

To start, open up the search function within the Variables panel.


In  a previous post, we covered how to use the variable search function to search for multiple terms. First, we searched for “football”.

Not surprising, the results yielded a large number of football related variables at 648.

Thanksgiving Data – Macy’s Parade

With the Thanksgiving holiday last week, we decided to take a quick look into SimplyMap to see what pertinent variables are available for analysis.

First, open the Variables panel and click on Search. Type in “Thanksgiving” in the available box.


The results display a total of 12 variables related to the keyword ‘Thanksgiving’.For fun, we also searched the keyword: turkey. Care to take a guess how many turkey related variables are in SimplyMap?

If you guessed 122, you’re right! There is a grand total of 122 variables related to the word ‘turkey’, ranging from: