Exploring SimplyMap Data: Life Stage Clusters

Is there a specific age group and income bracket you are specifically interested in researching for a target location? Our Life Stages module has the information you need. Life Stages, by EASI is a premium data set available for trial or purchase to all SimplyMap subscribers. In this brief write up, we’ll take a look at some of the options available within this data package.

The Life Stages module is broken down into three folders:

Young Households – Very Young <25 and Young 25-34
Middle Age Households – Middle Age 35-44 and Late Middle Age 45-54
Older Households – Nearly Senior 55-64, Senior 65-74 and Oldest 75+

Each of these folders is further broken down by family types and income.The income data has three tiers: lower income, moderate income and higher income. Let’s get started with a demonstration.