SimplyMap Tip: Using a Radius Location

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In this week’s SimplyMap tip, we outline the process of creating a radius location. Radius locations are a great way to quickly gather information from an area surrounding a target address or neighborhood. In this example, we want to pull information from a 3 mile radius around a university campus.

First, open the locations panel in SimplyMap and Find location by: Block Groups. Next, Find the block group by address. When SimplyMap finds your location, select Create custom location and choose Radius.


Enter your value in the available box, and give this location a name. Select Use This Location, and pick a variable of your choosing to quickly create a map. SimplyMap will generate a 3 mile radius around the address entered, as shown below.


Another great feature of radius locations is that they function as a custom location that can be used for reports. To quickly make a report, select Actions > Make Ranking from Map.


This will generate a ranking report of all the smaller geographies within the 3 mile radius from campus. Similarly, you can create a Standard Report or Location Analysis report using your new radius location.

Standard Report with Radius Location


Location Analysis Report with Radius Location


We hope you found this week’s SimplyMap tip to be helpful. Stay tuned for more!

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    I didn’t know about the “Find a block group by address” or “Find a Tract by address” options, thanks!

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