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SimplyMap is an excellent tool for market research, and it’s made even more powerful by Nielsen PRIZM data. Nielsen PRIZM is the highest quality market segment data available. Every household in the United States is assigned to one of 66 segments, and Nielsen provides detailed information about each segment, such as demographic characteristics, shopping habits, financial and technology preferences, media habits, and much more.

PRIZM segments define every U.S. household in terms of 66 demographically and behaviorally distinct types, or “segments,” to help marketers discern those consumers’ likes, dislikes, lifestyles and purchase behaviors. Used by thousands of marketers within Fortune 500 companies, PRIZM provides the “common language” for marketing in an increasingly diverse and complex American marketplace.

Let’s start by identifying the largest PRIZM segments in some target locations.

First, create a Standard Report using your target locations. We’ll compare some different ZIP codes within and including the city of Boston, MA. Next, navigate to the PRIZM segments. You will want to select each # segment within that folder. Lastly, close the window to generate your report.

To locate the highest segment within each location, hover over a location and select Sort Descending. SimplyMap will reprocess the report, showing the highest figure at the top for the selected location.

prizm1Here are the results for each ZIP code and the city of Boston.

02210: Young Digerati
02115: Urban Achievers
Boston: Bohemian Mix

To find out more information about each segment, hover over the segment and select View Metadata. The metadata for each segment above is presented below:

ZIP Code 02210: Young Digerati


ZIP Code 02115: Urban Achievers


Boston, MA: Bohemian Mix Metadata


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