Men’s Health Ranks Top Sports Towns

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Men’s Health continues to utilize SimplyMap to identify and rank U.S. cities. This time they are studying “sports-obsessed citizenry,” and here is how they did it:

Our stat showdown began with a tally of how many people attend baseball, basketball, and football games (college and pro), as well as who’s showing up at high-school sporting events. Next we factored in Nascar attendance and who’s catching their sports on TV and the radio, all from SimplyMap. We ended by looking at the number of people vying for tickets to any sport, who is buying the most team apparel, and finally, how many people call themselves foam-finger-waving fanatics, from Scarborough Sports Marketing.

The ranking feature extends the power of SimplyMap, making it easy to generate ranked lists of locations for any variable in the system. Thanks to Men’s Health for providing another great example of how to use SimplyMap to power your research projects.

For the full article – and the results, click  here.


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