Men’s Health ranks America’s Top Cities for Recycling using SimplyMap

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Men’s Health conducted their first survey of America’s recycling habits, and used SimplyMap in their research.

Here’s how the editors explain their methodology:

To determine how well cities reuse their refuse, we started by asking them whether recycling is mandatory. Next we looked at how easy the cities make it for residents to recycle: No need to sort? Wonderful. Curbside pickup? Great. Then we added up the variety of materials that are recycled, giving bonus points to those places that go beyond paper, plastic, and glass. Lastly, we factored in the percentage of households that actually take advantage of the program their city offers, courtesy of SimplyMap.

SimplyMap’s ranking feature makes it easy to generate ranked lists of locations for any variable in the system.Whether you are looking for the wealthiest ZIP codes in your state, census tracts that spend the most on products for pets, or the top cities for recycling participation – it is all in SimplyMap!

Read the full article here.


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